Personal & Professional
Spiritual Care

Caring for the spiritual needs of those experiencing crisis situations, under palliative care, facing chronic illness and dealing with end-of-life issues.  Helping to heal the wounds.


Eastern Panhandle Chaplaincy Services, Inc. attends to the spiritual and emotional needs of the aged, disabled and impoverished including those facing end-of-life issues, chronic illnesses, substance abuse and rehabilitative issues.  We desire to provide services to those not served and the under-served, becoming a voice for those whose voices have not been heard.   Chaplain John Waidande is a Board Certified  Clinical Chaplain and a CPE Supervisor through the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training ( and is certified as a Fellow in Hospice/Palliative Care and Diplomate Supervisor through College of Pastoral Supervison and Psychotherapy (


Eastern Panhandle Chaplaincy Services, Inc. provides CPE education to chaplains, pastors, professional caregivers and church lay members to train them to provide spiritual counseling, reflective listening and professional guidance, as well as train them to provide for spiritual readings, rituals and services that give hope, comfort and meaning of life to those served.   This training places emphasis on the value of human interaction and communication.